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COL Romancersize may have engaged in orgy

Jung SuWon journal dated 1996.

Romancersize (nee Romancercise) was prerequisite to sex orgy, ex students claim

COL students participated in a demonstration of special training where they dressed up in tight fitting leotards and were treated to Korean musings while love music played. They were asked to participate in pairings where they were put into sensual positions with other students, fully clothed. This exercise was dubbed ‘Romancercise’ but behind the story it was far darker.

It seemed that Kim had been getting a lot of flak and pressure from gossip around the school and she wanted to stop it, nip it in the bud, by having a class where everyone eligible paired. Ths led to some major awkward moments for those who felt they were not paired right, and to some unannounced private sessions, let’s say.

Since COL was big back then and Kim could not me touched even from the media, even with the then recent IDN/NuSkin thing, it was reasonable they could have an erotic exercise class. It just seemed terribly wrong.

Michael was paired with Katie, which seemed the only reason they didt that was to cover allegations and rumors Michael would never pair with anyone.

Thomas was paired with Sarah but they were married, at least so far as Kim was concerned, so really that was all right. Sure they were married and the parents approved and all.

What was disturbing was the pairing of students who were not seeing one another under the posice of any form of dating. Some of them were even stretching partners, male and female, with either much younger men or women, and some where not of age.

No actual molestation went on between the adults and the few underage students, mind you. It was within the confines of ‘energy class’ and ‘col’ and there was no sexual contact that was known outside the class, not with them.(Then again in COL this was not discussed so it is possible some of them might have and just not put it in a journal, which was wise considering Kim read them and often used them as blackmail).

It appears though that the adults were told to engage in relations inside and outside of class, (well only with certain handpicked COL students or instructors), so long as Kim allowed it. These sanctioned relations included less than savory conduct during some of the later classes.

Mostly it was groping and feeling. Nobody actually got off in class. That would have been gross.

The problems arose afterward in COL when several members were engaged in not so sanctioned touching.

Toward the end of the shoot, as they filmed it each time, it became apparent that the coitus petting was getting a bit too hot and heavy, and they could not use the footage. Also the golden stars of this mess were on the rocks, and Michael broke it off with Katie.

After that, apparently the studly windsurfers and other very many men were involved in alleged relations with some COL women at the behest of Kim, or possibly at first without her knowing. What transpired is a gray story where there might have been a sex orgy.

The tapes were destroyed and the class ended one day and they have never resurfaced.

It implies that something at that last night or two went horribly wrong.

Oh yes it did! I did not post this journal to Kim because she reads them but have kept it all these years. I have edited it for google and taken out all the boring parts.

All you need to know is she was allowing sanctioned sex with her students. She might not have participated. No minors were harmed. But still they were having sex. Everyone then knew it. It wasn’t ki energy. It was just pain old lust.

It was common in that time period to hear of Scott having ‘mutiple orgasms’ with Erika (now called Angelica) at COL dinners and class events. Kim would brag about how they were having sex in front of adults and sometimes when COL student children were present (but likely not paying attention).

I recall Kim berating a teen boy student for being caught looking at porn and thought it ironic considering that the romancercize was practically a porno. 

In those days, Mark was shagging Denise (JO) and Clark was with June, so it wasn’t like it was all that odd. Funny thing was at RC class they did not pair up those couples, don’t ask me why. I don’t know.

The only ones in their element were later commenting to each other on their ‘hot peppers erect’ let’s say.

This smut just can’t be made up. Bring up romancercise to them if you like.

Sex relations in the guise of martial arts energy training is wrong. It will never be left down. They will not bury this.

Then in secret we found out about Spencer and later Adam G. and that just ticked me all to hell and I quit. Kim was having affairs with her students! I knew this before Cultmaster or Bullshido. This was like a long time ago.

Well Adam G was relatively recent like about 7 years back now. Spencer was much earlier.

Now I suppose Kim is too old to lead any man into her chambers now. Shudder.

These people are not to be trusted. They freaking lie! They’re a cult. Stay away.

I will not even go into the lies about Marie (now called KH) who they convinced was straight and it was just ‘bad’ energy that ‘made her gay’. What the heck is that? Marie was clearly not straight. She had been paired with a man. Waste of time. Romance class my butt!

Kim made up the COL women to look hideous many times, especially when she was feeling low, and had to go in for surgery or something, and usually it was ‘bad energy’ from us. What a crock.

I’ve never been on BS and won’t be. But this is such a crock.

Not sure if she is still doing that stuff but now that she’s older, probably not.

She had probably ordered pairings of her other students, but they cannot have kids. She doesn’t want to have kids around that are hers. Other people’s kids. Other people’s money. Plastic surgery and fancy clothes. Fake!

–former COL student

Just FYI, here is a link to the now expired trademark that was romancercise. Part of the problem may have been ripping off ‘jazzercise’ which existed at the time, so it’s a good thing Scott never continued with the videos for Kim.


Begin execution of new phase

Yes, begin operation. Section indicates faulty attempt at hacking our servers has failed. Not sure who did it. If we had to guess, well it’s obvious, so we won’t. For now, we will give them this round and not retaliate. No way to officially prove it anyway. Begin operation. Happy year of the snake. Heh.

COL will likely not be moving

COL will remain at the Stargazer location and other local locations. Thank you.

Jung SuWon Gets New HQ off of Albrae in Fremont in 2013

New Digs on Edge of Dead Strip Mall Larger and More Accessible

Jung SuWon has just moved into a new location off Albrae St. in Fremont. Those of you familiar with that dead mall on the edge of 880 will remember the supermarket and the bridal shop. They’ve taken over the market, which is not directly visible from the street. Their main web site and YouTube site has several demos from inside the building and a recent black belt testing. (Also apparently Sarah the prolific has been promoted too, no surprise), and it looks larger than their Tech parkway one, but is the same size as their San Jose location from years ago. (According to exers). It is larger than the Milpitas one.They no longer have a San Jose or Milpitas site and it is unclear if they still have the Tech parkway one. The new site has lower ceilings and appears spacious. It is near their Lighthouse building also. The sites though are unclear as to size. Some claim as large as 180,000 square feet, which is wrong, down to 1,800 square feet, so we’ll go with 18,000 square feet, and think maybe someone missed a decimal.Imagine rent would be a head banger though, and in certain winter months it’s cold, and in summer, heat will suck.

Sources include the Digital Journal, yay

and Google, and

Correction to the Power of Love ditty

Hello again. It appears we did not notice that the ;Power of Love’ poem or song also steals liberally from the Bible, from 2 Corinthians, the famous speech on Love. So Sarah is totally not originally at all there. It also sounds weird because by comparing it to the Bible she is in effect likening Grandmaster to a prophet. She is not a prophet.

Welcome to our WordPress

Let’s do some cult slaying.

Rewview: Let Me Tell YAll a Story

“Let Me Tell Y’all a Story” (To the tune of “The Beverly Hillbillies”)
By Joy Henderson
Let me tell y’all a story ‘bout Tae Yun Kim
Scared little girl, but so very strong within
Then one day she was peeking through a hole
And what she saw really touched her soul.
Well, the first thing ya’ know she began to train herself
Her kin folk said, “You gotta cook and sew”
They said having twelve sons is what a woman does
But Tae Yun Kim had a different purpose.
Teaching, that is…Jung SuWon…The Grandmaster
Now it’s time to tell the world of Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim
How she would like to share with you, her love and great wisdom
So, let’s all take advantage of this opportunity,
To learn, grow and discover body, mind and spirit in unity.
Warriors, that’s what they call us.
Remember what Grandmaster says:
“Take charge and be an original”
Y’all come back now, Jung Su! 
Review: Joy Henderson may not be training anymore, but this cute parody of the Hillbillies is a fun addition to the collection, even though it’s simplistic.