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OKDragonNest made sequels to ‘True Origins’ last year and more

April 1, 2013

Having contacted the creators of Hella Kitty Kai and learned they were not related to Kitfillet or Kitty Ki, the notorious bloggers on google that are some of those who rip into Great Grandmaster Doctor Kim, and also having contacted KitFillet, they agreed to be involved in a series of off color videos with a similar cast, and recorded audio to go with some of ex student Mike’s old training videos from the school. The production took much of the summer months of 2012 because they did not have time for such things. They created brand new YouTube stuff including several spoofs using mash ups of voice and dialog from Kim, Salton, Fell and many of her associates. (We did remove some of the ones that no longer train from the vidoes and recult the sound to match). As parodies thus, they do not actually infringe on anyone’s copyrights and are meant to amuse more than enlighten or reveal a cult.

“The Boing Master” seems to be about a master testing where a student tests by smoking a bong and is so amazing that after losing his shirt he gets a nice new blue one.

“The Farting Master” features the master tresting again, but this time he proves his deadly punguh (Korean for fart) is more powerful than any opponent.

“The Passion Master” seems to be part of an earlier demo video and features Kim under her old name of Kyung Ae instructing her men in love making.

“The Suggestive Master” is a similar demo video where the master has an orgy with her students allegedly.

“The Random Master” is one of the best, as it appears from that master testing, where this other master goes on and on about how awesome it will be eventually when whatever it is happens. Priceless.

“Ki is Like Drugs” as a serious of alleged COL journals Grendel gave to the team to make fun of, but also they might have added some jokes, where the students get high. It uses footage from a demo video but heavily edited.

“Stoning Students” uses a similar demo video to have more COL city journal coverage with some really funny stoned students jokes chucked in.

A little later, the gang produced some more video parodies of various COL songs and poems out of a songbook Mike gave to us temporarily. We had some interesting voice talent on that as we actually had KitFillet’s girl team in the studio recording their voices! We were surprised they could sing parodies too! Talented! The songs are directly from the song book done as spoofs, but since they were never copyrighted officially, it’s okay. The funniest ones are the obsessive COL songs that seem like the ladies of COL (who wrote the majority of them) were chanting to some kind of unseen goddess, or writing love letters to theirs, Tae Yun Kim.

These are funny parodies and should fully enrage the real COL people this April 1. Ha. And beyond.



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