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Hella Kitty KaI ripped inot Tae Yun Kim story using action figures

April 1, 2013

Over a year ago in October 2011, an anonymous poster of blogs called Kitty Kai appeared and opened a YouTube channel where he posted only 3 videos. The amateur productions were done using action figures from GI Joe, likely without permission from Hasbro. Each one of the videos is part of a series, “True Origins of the Ki Master” and can also be found in text form on Blogger. This was also created in fall 2011. It hasn’t had much play or had many views, and it’s a shame really since the whole thing is pretty revealing and sometimes hilarious.

The story uses an anonymous ex student named Mike Hunter, (Grendel, Rickhuntrot, and maybe related to Kitfillet) but is of no relation to Jacob Hunter, and might be a parody of the Bullshido thread master.

Using voices from a funny crew of misfits similar to Most Offensive Videos, the figures talk about Grandmaster and honorary doctor Kim in a very disheartened, mean spirited light. They immediate bash her origin story, her first miarrage, her sullied fraud cases, and a series of other matters found all over the net.

Now when you look for fall celebrity in her mind Kim you not only find a dozen of her allies posting, but also twice that from her enemies, and they have found so much dirt on her that even real celebs like Paris Hilton might blush.

The pacing of the funny edits is fun to watch and the story is tight and amusing, with snarky comments related to the topic directly, and very little else extra. You can enjoy the thought that went into it, as an expose on YouTube or as a slight against this 1990s minor celeb now turned Fremont businesswoman.

Kim used to run a cult called City of Light which still might escist under another name, ansd she has recently moved to another Fremont location, but it looks like she is niot going anywhere, and neither are the detractors.

Happy April Fools. Wikipedia even has a page. It’s likely a joke.

You should check out the blog and the animation. It’s all pretty fun, and taken from Cultmaster, an old site that went down before Bullshido went into high gear.

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Huntmaster: The True Origins of a Ki Master


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