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Guilded Tae Yun Kim Poop from Vermont

March 23, 2013

Guess What, kiddies? That coveted Howard Johnson’s of Vermont has never heard of Tae Yun Kim! The one she claimed to have scrubbed toilets at was actually still there, but the manager said she had no idea who this Korean woman was who visited last summer. It is reasonable and ironic if she simply made the whole thing up.

Now what is interesting is that Burlington remembers Kyung Ae’s academy and that in burned down although the car dealership could not be confirmed.

Kyung Ae was her original name and she was married to Mark Fontaine in the 1960s to 1980s.

So we called again and asked if Kyung Ae Fontaine worked at HJ. Guess what? They never heard of her either.

She was not head coach for the women’s team of Korean in that 1978 games! She was just an assistant. We found that out too.

 Also she was a Master in Burlington and when she crossed coasts she became a Grandmaster.

My what a tangled web of poo.

Oh and that bench had never been mentioned before until 2012, that one she allegedly sat on in Vermont.

But that’s okay, her credentials mysteriously appeared in 2005 when she got her great master tlte. Didn’t they? No. Well that’s interesting.

Bye for mow.



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