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Self Discovery Weekend is code for possible sexual contact

February 18, 2013

Hello all:
Another exer here. Please let the world know about Self Discovery Weekend. It was very expensive back in the 1990s and early 2000s. This program was a retreat with the usual meditation, Korean food, camaraderie and training every day, for a weekend, roughing it in tents. The practical camping outdoors in tents may have not been for everyone. You can bet however there was some COL hanky-panky. One does not go out in the woods with a bunch of sweaty martial arts students and not think of sex. In fact, on one occasion someone was berated at a training on a weekend for having sex with his girlfriend on the retreat. This person is still training. He is in COL. He also posted under an alias on BS. But that’s beside the point. The point is there was more, much more.

They had a sweat house adventure called a Som Tong where hot coals were doused in water to make a steam sauna under a makeshift tent of plastic. The students would enter this sweat house and they’d see things or experience steam and think it was some mystical experience. They claimed this was taught by Kim’s master, but sweat lodges are not a Korean thing. They’re native American, and go back to her time in Vermont.

It helped that when they did these lodges they spiked those steam coals. Really you don’t start hallucinating unless you use some kind of drugs. Many students observed this alleged ki, which is probably bunk and was induced by lack of sleep, group think, and a dab of some mushrooms tossed in the fire.

But anyway, you’d think some of them would after the tantric experience of running about half naked in towels after the sauna, get with the naughty bits out in the tents. Don’t tell me it never happened. Students were told not to speak of what happened there. Why? Would it ruin the moment, or make them look bad?

Sure the food was good and the training was good but there were so many underlying sundries going on it wasn’t funny. Just sad.

Some COL students even stumbled across some sex going on during a training there when two students wandered off to go have sex in the nearby lodge shack, which they hardly used for anything. They cooked outdoors. But something was cooking indoors that day.

Even the major instructors had special meditation class in the big tent. It wouldn’t be surprising if there was a little going on there also.Can’t prove it though.

These people are not so high and mighty they don’t fool around. It’s niave to think otherwise.

In the end they could argue it was just junior students messing around, but that too would be wrong, as they well know it was more.

Every male there got to see each other’s privates when they disrobed, even if it was dark, and on another side of the forest, the females did the same. Don’t tell me they weren’t checking each other out and sizing up the competition.

This even went on at black belt testings, allegedly. During a testing early in the last decade, two students had reported getting poisoned oak, but not from accidentally stepping in it. The stuff was on their junk. What were they doing naked? Nobody on the back belt test was supposed to be naked. And it was just those two. The man and woman. Ha.

So go on retreat and get some extra actrvities, but it will cost money, so it’s kind of like paying for the stuff in advance. Lol.

Anonymous ex student (name withheld)

So we asked the exer if she shagged anyone on the weekend. She said she couldn’t say. It would let them know who she was. Lovely.


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