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You seen these reviews?

February 21, 2012

Well according to the guidelines and terms of use for these sites, putting up a review as an active employee of the company is against the rules, so really all the obvious instructors that posted there should immediately have all reviews of theirs removed, which from our estimate would bring the school down from four stars in most cases, to a reasonable two and a half. 

It also looks like some ex students were actually harassed about posting negative reviews, on the site, which also violates their terms of use.

Whoever these guys are, they should have those ‘fake’ reviews removed. 

Did some research and it appears that the posters on these city search engine reviews are instructors or longtime students and say so in the reviews, thus breaking the rules. You can check out their names on their main site and all over the blogsphere.

This one called Sarah is especially prolific of late, as is Michael and Angelika and Scott. They have all kinds of praises for this person, their master. This Michael person even makes a veiled threat to the ex student Dale on the web site. How did that get past the yelp people? Looks like anyone can post there.


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