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OKDragonNest made sequels to ‘True Origins’ last year and more

Having contacted the creators of Hella Kitty Kai and learned they were not related to Kitfillet or Kitty Ki, the notorious bloggers on google that are some of those who rip into Great Grandmaster Doctor Kim, and also having contacted KitFillet, they agreed to be involved in a series of off color videos with a similar cast, and recorded audio to go with some of ex student Mike’s old training videos from the school. The production took much of the summer months of 2012 because they did not have time for such things. They created brand new YouTube stuff including several spoofs using mash ups of voice and dialog from Kim, Salton, Fell and many of her associates. (We did remove some of the ones that no longer train from the vidoes and recult the sound to match). As parodies thus, they do not actually infringe on anyone’s copyrights and are meant to amuse more than enlighten or reveal a cult.

“The Boing Master” seems to be about a master testing where a student tests by smoking a bong and is so amazing that after losing his shirt he gets a nice new blue one.

“The Farting Master” features the master tresting again, but this time he proves his deadly punguh (Korean for fart) is more powerful than any opponent.

“The Passion Master” seems to be part of an earlier demo video and features Kim under her old name of Kyung Ae instructing her men in love making.

“The Suggestive Master” is a similar demo video where the master has an orgy with her students allegedly.

“The Random Master” is one of the best, as it appears from that master testing, where this other master goes on and on about how awesome it will be eventually when whatever it is happens. Priceless.

“Ki is Like Drugs” as a serious of alleged COL journals Grendel gave to the team to make fun of, but also they might have added some jokes, where the students get high. It uses footage from a demo video but heavily edited.

“Stoning Students” uses a similar demo video to have more COL city journal coverage with some really funny stoned students jokes chucked in.

A little later, the gang produced some more video parodies of various COL songs and poems out of a songbook Mike gave to us temporarily. We had some interesting voice talent on that as we actually had KitFillet’s girl team in the studio recording their voices! We were surprised they could sing parodies too! Talented! The songs are directly from the song book done as spoofs, but since they were never copyrighted officially, it’s okay. The funniest ones are the obsessive COL songs that seem like the ladies of COL (who wrote the majority of them) were chanting to some kind of unseen goddess, or writing love letters to theirs, Tae Yun Kim.

These are funny parodies and should fully enrage the real COL people this April 1. Ha. And beyond.



Hella Kitty KaI ripped inot Tae Yun Kim story using action figures

Over a year ago in October 2011, an anonymous poster of blogs called Kitty Kai appeared and opened a YouTube channel where he posted only 3 videos. The amateur productions were done using action figures from GI Joe, likely without permission from Hasbro. Each one of the videos is part of a series, “True Origins of the Ki Master” and can also be found in text form on Blogger. This was also created in fall 2011. It hasn’t had much play or had many views, and it’s a shame really since the whole thing is pretty revealing and sometimes hilarious.

The story uses an anonymous ex student named Mike Hunter, (Grendel, Rickhuntrot, and maybe related to Kitfillet) but is of no relation to Jacob Hunter, and might be a parody of the Bullshido thread master.

Using voices from a funny crew of misfits similar to Most Offensive Videos, the figures talk about Grandmaster and honorary doctor Kim in a very disheartened, mean spirited light. They immediate bash her origin story, her first miarrage, her sullied fraud cases, and a series of other matters found all over the net.

Now when you look for fall celebrity in her mind Kim you not only find a dozen of her allies posting, but also twice that from her enemies, and they have found so much dirt on her that even real celebs like Paris Hilton might blush.

The pacing of the funny edits is fun to watch and the story is tight and amusing, with snarky comments related to the topic directly, and very little else extra. You can enjoy the thought that went into it, as an expose on YouTube or as a slight against this 1990s minor celeb now turned Fremont businesswoman.

Kim used to run a cult called City of Light which still might escist under another name, ansd she has recently moved to another Fremont location, but it looks like she is niot going anywhere, and neither are the detractors.

Happy April Fools. Wikipedia even has a page. It’s likely a joke.

You should check out the blog and the animation. It’s all pretty fun, and taken from Cultmaster, an old site that went down before Bullshido went into high gear.

Review by Yeoman Tales



Huntmaster: The True Origins of a Ki Master

Fixing Tae Yun Kim wikipedia fair and balanced


Dr. Tae Yun Kim is a successful motivational lecturer, accomplished author and martial arts expert.[1]
Although she claims to have founded Ki energy and to have come from humble beginnings, except for coming from Korea via Vermont, there is no real claim to fame post her 1990s career in the little tow of Milpitas. She was there for 19 years. She moved on to San Jose for 3 years in the late 2000s and then to Fremont, where she has had two other schools over the past 6 years. Class size of these varies from 50 to 100 students. 


Dr. Tae Yun Kim was born in South Korea on February 2, 1946.[2] She came to America when she was in her early 20s. Tae Yun Kim began practicing TaeKwonDo age 7, later becoming the first female ever to reach the level of Grandmaster in TaeKwonDo.[3] Other noteworthy accomplishments in Martial Arts include starting the Jung SuWon disciple of martial arts and founding the Jung SuWon Martial Art Academy.
Dr. Tae Yun Kim is an established author of self-help and self-improvement books that have been published in 15 languages around the world.[4] She is also the CEO and Chairman of Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions, a leading supplier of real time contamination monitoring systems.[5] She started the California-based company in 1982.[6]

Technically Lighthouse started in 1988 with the formation of the Milpitas company adjacent to the academy. 

Grandmaster was awarded an honorary doctorate in business administration from Souk Myoung Women’s School of Korea, 2005, and in the same year, the title of Great Grandmaster was given to her by ITCC, which is not recognized by the WTF or WTC. 


  • The First Element: Secrets to Maximizing Your Energy (February, 1998)
  • The Silent Master: Using Your Inner Power (October 3, 2011)
  • They Call Me Success (Korean)
  • Golden Key of the CEO (Chinese version of They Call Me Success)
  • Seven Steps to Inner Power (September 30, 2011)
  • The above books are online publications and refer to reprints of books from 1994 to 2002, and she left some out.
  • The Silent Master, 1994
  • Ki Energy, working title of The First Element, 2000
  • Seven Steps to Inner Power, 1998
  • The books were published for lecture and for class mainly.

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Local law cases in her former locations, Vermont and Calfironia, insdicate she had settled out of court in fraud cases in the 1990s and 2000s pertaining to a false marriage to a wealthy young man, a rich girl student’s inheritance, and a land owning scam.

Aggregate web site has taken on the exposing of several of her sundries including ex students blogging about her weird behavior in regards to the COL or College of Learning programs she ran in the 1990s to about 2008. She has changed the name but it is believed she still does business as. 

It is alleged according to a 1998 report on Inside Edition that the COL was a cult, which she denied, and her ex students said was definitely a minor cult, including using various forms of manipulation and love bombing, money and strange means to keep them in line.

Several ex students and interested parties also publish online rebukes to her actions including the aggregate Cultmember which speculates on the court cases,  and Unicorn Grease who speculates on the saucy parts, but this group is not comprised of her ex students, but unknowns.

Bullshido has a vast mega thread of her works as rebukes including over 300 entries and blogs. It is their largest ever.

Cultmember had been a site devoted to exposing her in 2005. Her people had it closed down.

Several of her YouTube channels have inflated numbers and cannot possibly be the real figures as there is no way such a small place in one city would have such a following. Some of her videos have over 1000,000 hits.

She once claimed she wanted to be president of the world and to get a Nobel, and on another occasion claimed to be a prophet akin to Jesus Christ. Then she also claimed she is humble and works with the poor and the church.

She was involved in the spurious Order of Constantine in the late 2009-2012 period before the death of their founder, allegedly to get money for a new HQ she purchased in Fremont.

She has many purchased awards and faked Photoshopped pictures of her with celebrities, and several giant posters at her Fremont locations, or now location.

Vote that she not be included. She is not famous anymore.

Guilded Tae Yun Kim Poop from Vermont

Guess What, kiddies? That coveted Howard Johnson’s of Vermont has never heard of Tae Yun Kim! The one she claimed to have scrubbed toilets at was actually still there, but the manager said she had no idea who this Korean woman was who visited last summer. It is reasonable and ironic if she simply made the whole thing up.

Now what is interesting is that Burlington remembers Kyung Ae’s academy and that in burned down although the car dealership could not be confirmed.

Kyung Ae was her original name and she was married to Mark Fontaine in the 1960s to 1980s.

So we called again and asked if Kyung Ae Fontaine worked at HJ. Guess what? They never heard of her either.

She was not head coach for the women’s team of Korean in that 1978 games! She was just an assistant. We found that out too.

 Also she was a Master in Burlington and when she crossed coasts she became a Grandmaster.

My what a tangled web of poo.

Oh and that bench had never been mentioned before until 2012, that one she allegedly sat on in Vermont.

But that’s okay, her credentials mysteriously appeared in 2005 when she got her great master tlte. Didn’t they? No. Well that’s interesting.

Bye for mow.


Tae Yun Kim on Wikipedia is just fraud or spam

Note March 2013 header.

Attention Wikipedia:
This person is not a celebrity. She has the following credentials:

Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions CEO, it is a small California computer company that makes clean room monitors. She has held this title since 1988 when it was actually founded. The company has international ties to Korea and Singapore but is not even worth 1 million dollars domestic, US. She employs about a thousand people at her R and D location, but this is alleged. The two largest locations are her Fremont, Ca. headquarters, location and her Medford, Or., plant. Neither employ more than 1,000 workers, according to her sites.

What this means: She is running a very, very small company. She has no IPO and is not trading. She is a nonprofit venture. In no way does this qualify her to be on Wikipedia.

She is the computer company CEO equivalent of a local private widget maker, hardly worthy of being in Wikipedia.

She is the founder of Jung SuWon, a form of Tae Kwon Do, specifically the off shoot Moo Shee Do, which could describe just about every ‘McDojo’ in the Bay Area, that is a martial arts school that churns out students like fast food.

To her credit though she takes for ever to promote black belt students, at least 4 years on average.  

From 1985 to 1989 she called her Milpitas school American Tae Kwon Do Center, (ATC) then due to a copyright claim in 1989 she changed the name, as the initials ATC were also that of a well known local group.

Jung SuWon was founded in 1990. She has to date moved four times from the original Milpitas, Ca., location. She was there from 1985 (as ATC) to 2004, about 19 years, and she had thousands of students pass through the program, according to her PR site.

The former site is still listed. Do not be fooled as it is not there anymore. She also does this for her San Jose location, (2004-2007), that is also gone, making it look as though she has four schools in total, but only she has one. The Fremont locations were from 2007-2012, and the current 2013 location, but the former has closed. The current school in on Albrae Avenue in Fremont. 

Due to her moving four times in the past 10 years, it doesn’t bode well for her entry into Wikipedia, as she has one school and one major company. This is not at all impressive.

At present she has about 80 students at the current location at Albrae Ave. in Fremont, as well as a large new Lighthouse headquarters built nearby in the same city. .

Controvercy surrounds even her inclusion on many awards and accomplishments passed on by her instructor staff who run her PR sites on the Internet.

She may not actually hold the title of Great Grandmaster, as the title is not recognized by the WTF.

Her doctorate is in Business from the Souk Myong Womens’ School of Korea from 2005 and is an honorary degree. No accredited US college has ever awarded her with a title. 

Although she claims to have had thousands of students, they have not been at the same time. During her 25 years as an instructor she might have had thousands of students altogether, but currently those numbers are the class size of a medium sized dojo, maybe 80, but no more than 100. The class size has never been more than 200 during those 25 years.

This would make her inelegable for entry into even the martial arts category on the wiki.

Her PR sites are all from the same 5 instructors who publish there, and their legal names are given as indicated on their sites. This makes the wiki page an advertisement, which would break the rules and conditions of the site. 

The book publications are flat wrong.All of her books were published prior to 2002. The online versions appeared in 2011-2012, but they are online reprints.

She had a cable access show during the late 1990s that had almost no rating on any legitimate network and did not even make it onto the Nielson charts. It was practically a public access show, a talk show, which she gave several names. In total over 4 years she produced 22 video taped episodes. None of them are available on DVD due to copyright issues. She is only allowed to post bits of them on YouTube.

Her three main YouTube channels are run by the same instructors which would constitute a conflict of interest and breach of guidelines as they would be considered ads not actual reviews. She does not allow comments.

This would make her similar to the bloggers of the web, not a known or credentialed celebrity. Her online presence is highly over rated. She does videos and blogs but so do millions of people with no backing and they do it for nothing. This does not make her a successful blogger.

Most of her awards are bought. The instructors that work for her have money and purchased at least half of the awards. Successful does not mean famous.

She feigns humbleness when in fact her ego is greatly overblown. She claims to have wanted a Nobel prize and to be President of the world. She is not a celebrity but thinks she is like a goddess or prophet of Ki energy. She has no possibility of ever having a Nobel for knowing Ki energy.

She may have been a minor national sensation from 1992 to 1999 with a peak in 1998 when she appeared as part of Inside Edition, a television tabloid, which alleged she ran a cult, a very minor one. She denied this. Ironically the news media coverage then elevated her success.

Her old students in Vermont and elsewhere when she was Kyung Ae Fountaine have nothing nice to say about her.

The aggregate site Bullshido as well as a dozen others post reports of her localized lawsuits, fraud cases, slander, and possible harassment of ex students that have crossed her over the years, too many to be a conspiracy, but certainly infamous. Yest this does not make her wiki eligible. 

She has been involved in two or three lawsuits pertaining to getting rich via the inheritance of student funds. Also she has been involved in two ‘pyramid scams’ in the 1990s, including the infamous InDesign/NuSkin supplement scam, 1994-96, the People’s Network satellite scam.

Her COL program was alleged to have been a cult, a minor one with a dozen core members and 30 some under members. Her alleged cult had its rise in the 1990s until Inside Edition as alleged by several ex students on the internet. Even so, if there was a cult, it may still exist under another name.

She employs her instructor students as masters and to run her company and do her PR. This would mean anyone posting is likely her fan base and therefore ineligible.

So she is not a wikipedia candidate.

Consider wikipedia well notified about these changes. Also feel free to notify them. It is best they learn that they have another fake entry.

You will find that most if not all of the posters praising her operate from the same IPs in Fremont. This means all the web sites she has are from her people and thus ads.

Have a nice day. 🙂 


Romancersize remembered last year by famous exer

Reprinted from a blog without permission.

“I found my old description of Romancercize………… This is what writing does……. it helps purge old memories……… Romancercize….Romancercize….. how could I forget thee ? I found my little snippet on a board somewhere, the last sentence is some guy’s gem of an opinion, which I think is fairly accurate…….. My GOD it would absolutely brighten my day if I could watch Romancercize again……. aka the rainbow and striped gangbangery going on in the backyard by the pool in the summer of 1996.

Here goes………..

“I wonder whatever became of the Romancersize videos, her romantic workout videos. I remember all the preparations we went through for the filming, and how hard everyone worked. Yet the video never came out. TYK was promoting it really hard as we were filming, and she was talking about how it would become a huge success. It was all done in Korean. TYK spoke in Korean in front while her students that were paired up did the exercises in the background. I think that this was supposed to be sold in Korea, but TYK also talked about how it would hit the US and that we would become “big stars”. Speaking of which, I don’t think that anyone got paid for anything they did, and people were not only featured in the film, but they also had to prepare all the food, all the makeup, and help the film crew with the production. The weather was hot summer weather. This was the summer of 1996. I ended up getting heat stroke and barfed like you wouldn’t believe. I don’t know how others managed exercising in the sun. All I did was help take picures. And after the filming was done for the day, everyone exclaimed how hard TYK worked, and how honered they were to be a part of the filming, and thanked her for the “awesome opportunity, as they beleived that they were really going to become famous for spreading Grandmaster’s teachings.”

“This video was her way of “bringing couples closer”. There were sections of students paired up and doing the exercises together. Looking back those leotards she made people wear were horrific. They should have made MC Hammer pants to match. They were striped with different colors, and I can imagine the women in those thong leotards couldn’t have been too comfy. I was too young back then to be making any videos like that. But had I been filmed in an outfit like that I am pretty sure a lot of footage would have been ruined as I probably would have been caught trying to pick out a wedgie. I forgot if the men just wore pants or not. TYK wore nude leggins and a shiny thong leotard. Then she topped it off with 5 inch heels.

“And after all exercise scenes, there were scenes of couples becoming romantic with each other. Couples feeding each other food, couples pillow fighting and accidentally having the pillow bust open with feathers flying everywhere, a couple talking on the phone, etc………

“Most of the people paired up with each other had no chemistry whatsoever and you could totally tell when watching it. Some people were just miserable with their partners as TYK dictated who had to partner up with whom and no one could say anything about it.

“Regardless of whatever happened with that footage, TYK couldn’t use it anyway as over half of the students featured in that film are “failed students” and would probably be mortified as hell if they saw themselves dancing or exercising in striped leotards. To the best of my knowlege even the production company has her on its s**t list.

“I forgot to mention that just because I didn’t end up in filming doesn’t mean that I got out of practicing the Romancersize exercises in the dojang with the rest of the students. Before the filming even started we practiced for a couple of hours after each Jung Su Won class.

“Sometimes we switched partners and other times we were stuck with the same partners for hours. Some of my partners were a riot. Sometimes they couldn’t balance me and I fell on my butt.

“My younger brother and the other kids had to participate in it too. They were highly amused. Can you imagine subjecting teen boys to that ? What was funny was when they did the exercises of looking in their partners eyes deeply and putting the other person’s hand to their heart, you could hear them giggle.

“TYK paired up some people pretty badly. COL women were paired up with certain guys that had a screw loose. TYK didn’t take it into consideration and thought it was funny. Well, it kinda was at the time as the guys weren’t pervs, but just really wierd, but looking back she could have been more respectful.

“Sometimes there were little agruments because some of the women didn’t get paired up with the men they wanted to be paired up with. This was around the time that TYK talked about soulmates a lot and how some people in COL were paired up together. Sometimes the ladies were disappointed that they didn’t get the male partners they were hoping for.

“And this my friends, is part of how I spent my high school years.<<<<

“Holy smokes if there was any doubt she’s got a full blown dyed in the wool cult going on it should be obvious to anyone now. >:(“

This exer went by the name Chica on BS. Anonymous here. 

Self Discovery Weekend is code for possible sexual contact

Hello all:
Another exer here. Please let the world know about Self Discovery Weekend. It was very expensive back in the 1990s and early 2000s. This program was a retreat with the usual meditation, Korean food, camaraderie and training every day, for a weekend, roughing it in tents. The practical camping outdoors in tents may have not been for everyone. You can bet however there was some COL hanky-panky. One does not go out in the woods with a bunch of sweaty martial arts students and not think of sex. In fact, on one occasion someone was berated at a training on a weekend for having sex with his girlfriend on the retreat. This person is still training. He is in COL. He also posted under an alias on BS. But that’s beside the point. The point is there was more, much more.

They had a sweat house adventure called a Som Tong where hot coals were doused in water to make a steam sauna under a makeshift tent of plastic. The students would enter this sweat house and they’d see things or experience steam and think it was some mystical experience. They claimed this was taught by Kim’s master, but sweat lodges are not a Korean thing. They’re native American, and go back to her time in Vermont.

It helped that when they did these lodges they spiked those steam coals. Really you don’t start hallucinating unless you use some kind of drugs. Many students observed this alleged ki, which is probably bunk and was induced by lack of sleep, group think, and a dab of some mushrooms tossed in the fire.

But anyway, you’d think some of them would after the tantric experience of running about half naked in towels after the sauna, get with the naughty bits out in the tents. Don’t tell me it never happened. Students were told not to speak of what happened there. Why? Would it ruin the moment, or make them look bad?

Sure the food was good and the training was good but there were so many underlying sundries going on it wasn’t funny. Just sad.

Some COL students even stumbled across some sex going on during a training there when two students wandered off to go have sex in the nearby lodge shack, which they hardly used for anything. They cooked outdoors. But something was cooking indoors that day.

Even the major instructors had special meditation class in the big tent. It wouldn’t be surprising if there was a little going on there also.Can’t prove it though.

These people are not so high and mighty they don’t fool around. It’s niave to think otherwise.

In the end they could argue it was just junior students messing around, but that too would be wrong, as they well know it was more.

Every male there got to see each other’s privates when they disrobed, even if it was dark, and on another side of the forest, the females did the same. Don’t tell me they weren’t checking each other out and sizing up the competition.

This even went on at black belt testings, allegedly. During a testing early in the last decade, two students had reported getting poisoned oak, but not from accidentally stepping in it. The stuff was on their junk. What were they doing naked? Nobody on the back belt test was supposed to be naked. And it was just those two. The man and woman. Ha.

So go on retreat and get some extra actrvities, but it will cost money, so it’s kind of like paying for the stuff in advance. Lol.

Anonymous ex student (name withheld)

So we asked the exer if she shagged anyone on the weekend. She said she couldn’t say. It would let them know who she was. Lovely.